Contacting Channel D for Technical Support

For questions, as a guideline, please include a description of the computer you are using:

  • Specific Mac model (for example, Mac G4; Mac FireWire G3 Powerbook; G5 iMac; Intel iMac)
  • Specific OS version (for example, OS X 10.4.8, 10.5.3)
  • Sound input hardware used: include manufacturer, model
  • Any other details that you might think are important: as an example: if recording audio, the sample rate, bit depth, file format.

Contacting Channel D via email: your email and other contact information will be used only to respond to and provide answers to your questions, and not for sending unwanted spam or marketing messages, nor will they be disclosed to other parties.

If you provide a telephone number in your email inquiry, we may, at our option, choose to respond with "live" telephone technical support.

We may decline to respond to inquiries from anonymous email accounts; please use your primary email address (provided by your ISP) for sending communications.

Please check to be sure the answer to your question isn't already available via our website, or answered in the documentation included with the product.

Pure Music / Pure Vinyl Users
If using Pure Music or the Serve feature of Pure Vinyl, describe application settings at the time issue occurs



Important: if you use "spam blocking" software to screen email (including software requiring a reply to an automated email for verification), it is your responsibility to add our email address / domain (including the domain .mac, which we sometimes use) to your approved sender list. Otherwise, you risk not receiving the reply to your question.

Unlike many other software developers, we actually provide free telephone support for licensed users of our products! We have been at the receiving end of "unobtainable" customer support ourselves. For anyone that's experienced the frustration of waiting for a never arriving or a robotic, uninformative email response to questions, we continue to provide the "old school" standard of true customer support (having been in this business for nearly 14 years). Our live telephone support and business hours at (609) 393-3600 are 9 AM to 5 PM (Eastern U.S. time zone), Monday through Friday (except holidays). In the event that your call is transferred into our voice mail system, we ask that you leave a clear message with contact information that includes a call back telephone number. We will do our best to respond within one business day.